Spectra Network Remote Management Services

Today’s small-and-medium-sized businesses expect that their IT networks will function quietly in the background and keep their daily business operations running smoothly. Unfortunately, in the world of increased server demands, security risks, and more complex networks, this idyllic scenario does not always happen and the consequence is that a company’s work could come to a grinding halt. To avoid this chaos, Spectra Networks offers to our clients managed services including remote managed services through RMS software called Auvik/AEM.


Auvik is a form of remote management cloud software that is designed to remotely and automatically map, monitor, manage, and configure components of a client’s system, including hardware such as printers, desktop/mobile workstations, servers, switches, cables and software features such as installations and upgrades, as well. The goal of this remote management tool is to simplify and automate our clients’ IT administration so that issues can be easily solved or even proactively handled. Auvik takes hundreds of complex tasks and reduces them to several simple automated steps. As a managed service provider, Auvik allows us to know about an IT issue even before our clients do. It is common for us to call our clients and warn them that a printer is offline or needs ink to be ordered before they even realize it.


Auvik/AEM (Autotap Endpoint Management) allows Spectra Networks to proactively and remotely solve IT issues for even our most complex network configurations. Here are a few of the features that we can offer your business:


  • Increased efficiency with alerts for issues on hardware such as printers, cables, bluetooth devices, and switches.
  • Increased profit margins when IT issues are solved swiftly so that they no longer interfere with your daily business operations.
  • Heightened security since the installation of Auvik/AEM allows us to monitor who logged in to which workstation, and with which credentials.
  • Profiling and mapping every device, cable, configuration and interface. This includes a list of every IP address.
  • Inventorying and monitoring any device in the network.
  • Usage and health stats to improve stability of the network.
  • Troubleshooting and debugging data including suggestions for improving performance that can be a cost-savings for your company.
  • Easy remote management that doesn’t interfere in your daily workflow.
  • Remote management that allows for a chat feature to talk you through IT issues.
  • Integrate company policies for usage such as login credentials and log out policies.


If you are searching for a managed service provider that can solve and proactively manage IT issues for your small- to medium-sized business, Spectra Networks is your one stop solution. We deliver comprehensive network solutions including remote monitoring and managing for your company. Call or text us at 978.219.9752, or visit our website today.