Why is Your System Running Slow

As an IT managed service provider for small-to-medium businesses, our clients often ask us questions about their systems, networks, and hardware. One common question that our customers mention (usually while we are doing routine upgrades or maintenance) is “why is my computer, system, or device running slow?” Without taking a closer look at the software, components, and network, it is difficult to diagnose the specific problem, but there are some actions that you can take on your own to help your computers work a little more efficiently. Here are some suggestions to follow.

If your computer is sluggish or “snail-like,” you may be desperate to get it moving at the speed that you are accustomed. Nothing is more frustrating than waiting for your computer to catch up to the speed that your brain is working at. Try these steps to help avoid this frustration.

  • Reboot your computer if it has not been done so in a while. The act of rebooting can sometimes work to get your device working at the speed you like.
  • Close all background tabs or windows that may be running. Programs that are not needed should be shut down or closed, as they may be drawing on power and speed that could be used to improve the overall performance of your computer.
  • Be sure that your computer has the most recent software. The more updated the more efficient your computer will run.
  • Have your IT department complete a malware or virus scan to be sure that your computer is not slow due to a virus, spyware or malware.
  • Consider a memory upgrade if you have had your computer for more than two years, you may need more memory.
  • Delete any programs or files that you no longer need. Take a few moments to clean out any files that are no longer needed – either back them up or move them to a storage method that your business supports.
  • Check that the fan or cooling devices are working, especially on your laptop. Vents and airflow should be open. Overheating can cause a slowdown.

If your network, system, device or programs are running slow talk to our specialists. Call Spectra Networks for more information at 978.219.9752, or visit our website.