10 Tech Resolutions for the New Year

Soon it will be time to ring in the new year and celebrate the start of 2019. Many people mark the occasion with a resolution to eat healthier, exercise more, or use their money more wisely. Here at Spectra Networks, we would like to suggest some simple but effective resolutions to keep your technology and devices healthy and happy as the new year begins. Here are just a few ways to accomplish this…


  1. Unsubscribe to Junk Email – Take five to ten minutes a day to unsubscribe from those pesky emails that crop up regularly whether it is a newsletter that you originally subscribed to or a store email that you signed up for in order to get a promotion. Believe me, your inbox will look much less crowded after a few weeks of unsubscribing.
  2. Set Up a Password Manager – If you constantly forget your login and username to the multitude of files, software, and devices that you own, it is time to get a password manager. Using one of these, like 1Password, can be a life changer.
  3. Set Up Auto Back Ups – There is nothing worse than having to scramble for data or files when a power outage causes you to lose access, or worse yet if a natural disaster hits and many weeks’ worth of information is lost. Resolve to strengthen your back up plan.
  4. Clean Up Your Desktop – If you have a million tabs or files sitting on your desktop, clean them up. Chaos on the screen is not good for your organization or your tech. Do a little spring cleaning now.
  5. Strengthen Your Digital Security – When was the last time you added to the security on your system or ran a check? Now is a great time to determine if you are heading into the new year securely.
  6. Spend Less Time on Social Media – Yes, we said it! You will be amazed at how your level of efficiency and probably your mood will improve with this simple change. We’re not saying go cold turkey off Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, but just cut back a little at a time or forego notifications that make you check constantly. You will be amazed at the free time you can reclaim.
  7. Recycle Your Ancient Tech – If your office is like many, there is probably a storage room filled with old computers and devices that are long since salvageable. Find out when there is a recycle program in your area and do it! Don’t forget to wipe the machines of data before recycling.
  8. Update Your Apps/Software – When was the last time you accepted the request for an update? To ensure updated security measures, this is a great idea.
  9. Manage Your Phone Contacts – When was the last time you updated John Smith’s phone number in your system? Has he changed jobs or title? The new year is a great time to take a few minutes to scroll through your contacts and make sure the information is correct.
  10. Call Spectra Networks if you have any technology questions or project needs. You can reach us at 978.219.9752, or visit our website.