Securing Your Business Email

Most business leaders have a love-hate relationship with email. On one hand, email is the main channel of communication for businesses to connection with clients, customers, vendors, and employees. It is needed to maintain good communication and customer relations. It is imperative to keeping all employees on the same page and understanding the progress... read more »

Why is Your System Running Slow

As an IT managed service provider for small-to-medium businesses, our clients often ask us questions about their systems, networks, and hardware. One common question that our customers mention (usually while we are doing routine upgrades or maintenance) is “why is my computer, system, or device running slow?” Without taking a closer look at the... read more »

Who is Impacted by the HIPAA Legislation?

  As security and compliance specialists, Spectra engineers are often asked the scope of the HIPAA legislation. What documents are included? What types of organizations are within compliance requirements? Therefore, today’s blog will focus on “covered entities” under the HIPAA legislation and what client/patient information is covered as well.   Covered Entities A covered... read more »