Who is Impacted by the HIPAA Legislation?

  As security and compliance specialists, Spectra engineers are often asked the scope of the HIPAA legislation. What documents are included? What types of organizations are within compliance requirements? Therefore, today’s blog will focus on “covered entities” under the HIPAA legislation and what client/patient information is covered as well.   Covered Entities A covered... read more »

Business Tools to Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Small- and medium-sized business are always looking for ways to improve efficiency and productivity in order to do the job right or improve customer service across the board. Inefficiency and lack of robust productivity can lead to customer complaints, communication issues, wasted resources, information bottlenecks or redundancies and, ultimately, employee frustration. Here are a... read more »

How to “Microsoft Office” – a Beginners Guide to Common Questions

  Since its debut in 1988, 1.2 billion people have benefited from the family of client software, server software, and services, collectively known as Microsoft Office. Are you one of the billions? Do you use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Scripting Languages, Office Mobile, or one of the other business applications that are accessible through... read more »