IT Managed Services

Spectra Networks is an IT managed service provider for small-to-medium businesses. We specialize in providing IT managed services to businesses in the Healthcare, Financial, Professional, and Hospitality sectors. When compared with the traditional break/fix agreement our managed services offer an improvement to the service model.

We don’t believe in waiting until something breaks or disrupts your business to fix it. Learn the benefits of managed IT services versus break/fix services.

We work to keep your systems operating 100 percent of the time by implementing comprehensive disaster recovery plans. In the event of an emergency / When (if) the unexpected happens we, whether you have cloud-based or local servers our disaster recovery system will get you back to business as usual within 15 minutes.

Proactive IT Managed Service

Proactive managed services provide regular management and monitoring to your networks assets, workstations, and servers. Opposed to an environment where things are only fixed after breaking, we believe that a proactive approach allows us to maintain all assets in good working order.

Fully Managed IT Solutions

Fully managed services keep your systems running smoothly, we perform regular system maintenance, provide onsite as well as remote support and keep your systems up to date by applying 3rd party patches and operating system updates. We identify potential issues and take steps to avert them before any threats to your system health occur. This ensures greater productivity, less down-time, and reduced risk of threat.

With fully managed services you receive peace mind and a predictable IT budget.

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