IT Support - Setting Up Employees To Work From Home During The Coronavirus

Whether or not your company has any experience in working from home, the challenges being presented by COVID-19 are putting organizations and individuals in uncharted territory. The majority, if not all, of the work being done across industries is now being done remotely. This presents challenges, but also offers unique opportunities for companies and their employees. 

At Spectra Networks, we understand the intricacies of remote work, and how challenging the transition of working from home can be for small to mid-sized companies. Our years of experience in providing companies with comprehensive IT solutions means we’ve seen it all, and that we’re uniquely capable of assisting companies with whatever it takes to ensure their organization can operate efficiently and effectively in these trying times. 

That’s why we’re extending support to help companies improve their capacity for remote collaboration. Is your business equipped for employees to efficiently and effectively work from home? If not, here’s what we suggest you do.


Setup & Configure Remote Access & VPN

At this point in the evolution of the coronavirus, the ability to work remotely is no longer a luxury. But without your employees being able to make it the office, how will they be able to access crucial information and data that you store on your private network?

Setting up a Virtual Private Network (VPN), will extend your private network across a public network. This allows your employees to securely access important data and information from the safety of their own homes. 

Setting up a VPN is going to be one of the first and most important steps of your company’s transition from in-office to in-home work. Contact our experts to learn more.


Fully Enable Video Conferencing Technologies and Digital Collaboration

The many meetings and events that your company had scheduled before the virus can still go on, just not exactly in the way you initially envisioned them. By utilizing video conferencing with services such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Skype, you can have a face to face interaction while still following the guidelines of social distancing. The importance of security while hosting these conference calls remains vital, particularly as much of the world transitions to digital collaboration. 

As IT experts, our team at Spectra Networks feels a sense of moral responsibility to help companies navigate this unusual time. Working remotely doesn’t have to be a limitation on your organization if your organization is prepared for it.  

Here’s how you can advise your employees to prepare to work from home:

  • Create a private, comfortable space to work from at home 
  • A strong internet connection is crucial. Test it beforehand
  • Ensure your VPN is configured and functioning properly 
  • Ensure your devices are charged and all chargers are functional
  • Be sure your router reaches your dedicated work space
  • Be sure your display is large enough to complete your work. Consider dual monitors.
  • Printers, scanners, webcams, and proper storage devices will be crucial
  • Ensure internet connection and communication tools (Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom) are functioning properly.

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