Spectra Networks To Help Configure Telehealth Services for Free

Our team at Spectra Networks is refusing to stand on the sidelines while the battle against the coronavirus rages on. We are willing to offer free setup services for Telehealth, Webinars, and other online virtualizations for the Healthcare industry.

Being that our team at Spectra has years of experience and expertise in special security, support, and compliance needs of industries such as Dental, Healthcare, and Professional, we feel uniquely suited to help healthcare professionals navigate the challenges of working remotely in order to meet the growing demand for health services. Contact Spectra Networks directly to learn more about how to implement telehealth services, and how we can help your organization during this challenging time.

LogMeIn is offering free emergency remote work kits, and low/no cost telehealth services to those in the healthcare industry. The kits include systems for meetings and video conferencing, such as GoToMeeting, free of charge for three months. The emergency kits will also include webinars, virtual events, IT support and tools for the management of remote employee’s devices and apps, plus remote access to devices in multiple locations. To assist in the process, Spectra Networks is committing to working hand in hand with healthcare providers, and configuring all of those services at no cost. 

Why Spectra is Making This Commitment

Since healthcare professionals are absolutely critical to the fight against COVID-19, they’re going to need to utilize every available resource in order to succeed in this increasingly complex climate. The configuration services that we are offering at Spectra are intended to streamline the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare providers in their rapid and crucial transition to telehealth. As video conferencing and virtual events become an indispensable part of daily life for healthcare workers during the pandemic, our configuration services can ensure the technology is fully functional and optimized for immediate use.  

Industries that are considered critical to fight against COVID-19 and eligible for the low/no cost services include but may not be necessarily limited to,

  • Healthcare Providers
  • Educational Institutions
  • Municipalities
  • Nonprofit Organization

Reach out to us at Spectra Services to learn more about how we can help your organization today.

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