Easy Collaboration Tools in the VOIP World 

The business world is both fast-paced and reliant on a workforce that could be spread out between multiple offices or remote work scenarios. These factors make collaboration tools more important than ever. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is one such collaboration tool that can facilitate better collaboration within your workforce and with your valued clients.  From screen sharing and file sharing to video conferencing and instant messaging, VoIP phone systems can take your collaboration game up a level and positively impact your customer service goals and collaboration standards.  Let’s take a look at the collaboration tools offered in the GoTo Connect VoIP phone systems and how these tools can enhance your relationships with clients and within your workforce.  Since the global pandemic, many businesses have quickly adapted to collaborating in new and innovative ways. With VoIP phone systems connections with team members and clients have never been easier and this all-in-one cloud-based platform allows for everything from meetings to client data to be handled in one place. 

Video Meetings

Never in our business world has video conferencing been more critical to the successful operation of organizations across the spectrum of industries. The ability to meet remotely while also sharing screens, data and thoughts is key to handling business details on a daily basis.  GoTo Meeting software with enterprise-grade security is perfect for a work-wherever world. It allows for secure access without the need for downloading in one easy-to-use app. Additionally the unified administration and crystal-clear audio ensures that you’ll never miss a word or struggle to navigate work across all products. 


Webinars & Virtual Events

Whether you are pre-recording an event or going on “live,” webinars have never been easier or allowed for better collaboration within your organization than they do with GoTo Webinars.  With interactive features such as flexible scheduling, custom registration forms, branding, customizable templates and performance monitoring, your business can connect and collaborate from anywhere in the world, whether you work from different offices, distant locations, or at different times of the day.  This quick collaboration ability can eliminate common workplace barriers and allow for adaptation to changing situations. 


File & Screen Sharing 

In the business world, we have all become very accustomed to the ability to share our screens during virtual calls as well as share files in a seamless and secure manner. GoTo Connect Collaboration tools allow all of this in one easy-to-use platform. 

Training Tools 

Training and retraining is a constant in our ever-evolving world of technology. Keeping your workforce up on the latest trends and tech is important to your business’ future success. GoTo Training software can be accessed anywhere and on any device ensuring your workforce collaborates as they learn. In fact, the software is so easy that it delivers higher retention rates, and better completion rates and allows for you to grow your business at your own pace.  Want more information about collaboration tools within the VoIP ecosystem? Talk to our team at Spectra Networks about our VoIP phone systems and how it can elevate your business.