How a VOIP Contact Center Can Improve Your Business

Looking to deliver exceptional customer service at your organization? Maintaining a well-trained workforce, providing personalized attention to clients’ needs, encouraging good communication and listening to your customers are just a few ways to deliver on this objective. Another surefire way to accomplish this goal is to install a VoIP contact center that can help improve your business in several ways.  A VoIP Contact Center is extremely helpful for businesses that see a high volume of incoming and outgoing calls. Here are a few of the ways this tool can improve customer experiences with your brand. 


Improved Call Management 

VoIP phone systems allow customers to call one number and be quickly routed to the right person in your organization. Optimization in this process allows customers to avoid long wait times common on traditional phone systems. It also allows for connection with the right department and contact person as all of the information for each client is contained within the VoIP system. 

Better Data Access

VoIP systems integrate with your other business systems such as your Customer Relationship Management (CRM), thus allowing your employees to view and record information with each call. This gives every team member more accurate and updated information for future calls. 

Reduced Costs 

Traditional phone systems can be costly especially when your business requires international calls. VoIP systems can reduce those costs dramatically. Additionally, most VoIP systems require little to no equipment and therefore no moving parts that cuts down on hardware costs and maintenance costs. 

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Better Employee Engagement 

By using an automatic call distribution (ACD) system information can be collected such as caller ID and location and language of the call. This information can help team members engage better with the client and in turn, improve customer satisfaction. 

Flexibility & Scalability

If your business is still growing, one of the best things about a VoIP phone system is that it can grow with you. VoIP makes adding staff and lines easier than ever. Additionally, the ability to integrate the system with your current client systems makes it an incredibly flexible system to work with. 

Self Service Features 

Many incoming calls to businesses are quick check-in regarding the date and time of future appointments, asking for directions or other details that the VoIP system itself can handle. By accessing the person’s data online the system can answer simple questions, thus freeing your workforce to focus on more pertinent tasks.  Want more information about how a VoIP phone system can improve the day-to-day running of your business? Talk to our team at Spectra Networks about our VoIP phone systems and how it can elevate your business.