Why Choose a Cloud-Based Physical Security System for Your Business?

Is your organization ready to cut the cord when it comes to your physical security systems? Between the bulky servers, tangled wires that keep you tethered to a location and the full IT team needed to keep your physical security system running smoothly, you may be considering a cloud-based security solution. These systems can be cost-effective, scalable, secure, and provide improved remote access and updates.  If you are considering replacing or upgrading your physical security systems, this blog is for you. Let’s explore the reasons why this move to a cloud-based system can save your organization money, provide better security, and improve performance. 

What Is Cloud-Based Physical Security? 

Cloud-based physical security systems use cloud-based servers to manage access controls to facilities, alarm monitoring, security cameras, and other security measures. Components of physical security can be easily accessible from remote locations all on one dashboard allowing for an ease of use that many on-premises systems cannot provide. 

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Top 5 Advantages of Cloud-Based Physical Security

There is a growing recognition that on-premises security systems are no longer the best solution for many businesses. Cloud-based security provides several benefits that on-premises systems can not compete with. 

Encrypted Data 

Let’s start with one of the more obvious advantages that cloud-based security has in that the data is automatically encrypted to protect company data and client data from unauthorized access from bad actors. Without an encryption key, unauthorized users can not read or see data. On-premises solutions often require regular manual updates that put your organization at risk if they are missed or put off due to personnel issues. 

Cost Effective 

Cloud-based security systems avoid the hefty price tags of on-premises servers. The cost of maintaining those, including security, hardware, power, cooling and regular maintenance, is avoided when businesses migrate to a cloud-based system.  Switching to a cloud-based system also reduces initial costs by minimizing installation, labor costs, and ongoing fees. With continual updates to the security software, businesses can stay up to date without the high expenses. 



Most businesses look for the ability of service providers to grow with their company. Cloud-based physical security does this by making it easy to scale up across buildings and locations. By simply increasing the number of licenses, physical security becomes easy to modify. All that is needed is to update new users or modify access or permissions on the system. 

Automatic Updates 

Since cloud-based systems are always connected to the internet are automatic and do not rely on personnel to manage them. As soon as software updates, the organizations also have the latest versions of security software in real time. 

Remote Access & Monitoring 

Cloud-based security solutions allow users to remotely monitor and access the system from anywhere. For instance, you can allow a delivery driver access to the facility from the convenience of your phone whether you are on location or off meeting with a client!  Want to learn more about the benefits of cloud-based security systems like the robust systems we install and manage here at Spectra Networks? Talk to our team today about Verkada solutions for your organizations.