6 Benefits of Managed IT 

Modern technology and innovations have made the world of business into what it is today. Unfortunately, the more technology plays a role in our organizations, the more companies will need experts who can manage the advancements to keep a business growing and secure. Managed IT is one service that has many key benefits in keeping businesses efficient and competitive.  Spectra Networks offers comprehensive managed services packages including managing and monitoring your network assets, workstations, and servers. Our experienced and friendly service specialists can help your business avoid downtime, stay productive, allow for rapid response time, and give business owners the opportunity to focus on the work at hand rather than IT issues.  

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Top Six Benefits of Managed IT 

Focus on Your Business 

When owners and business leaders find themselves facing technology issues on a daily basis, it takes their focus off the business at hand. By utilizing a Managed IT service business leaders can narrow their focus on their core objectives rather than cyber security, printing issues, or software updates that fall into an IT specialist’s domain.  Managed IT services can help by taking the responsibility of IT issues off the plate of management and into their own hands, where workflows can be improved and issues can be dealt with in an efficient manner. 

Predictable & Scaleable Expenses 

With a Managed IT provider on your team, you can easily determine monthly IT costs. Depending upon the package you choose, your costs can include asset management, cyber security, compliance regulations, updating of hardware and software, or other services.  Managed IT services also allow companies who are planning to grow to scale up (or potentially down) as needed. Upgrading and upscaling your network and security takes manpower, coordination, and often, new equipment. A dedicated IT department may not be within your budget to take care of this but a Managed IT service provider can. 

Fast Response Times 

When issues arise in the technology world, time is of the essence. Downtime of any sort can be disastrous for businesses of any size, but even more so for small and medium-sized businesses that rely upon every minute of their workday. A Managed IT service provider can jump into action when a problem surfaces. 

Depth of Expertise 

Small businesses don’t often have expansive IT departments able to divide up the work and allow for proactive security prevention practices. In fact, most small businesses often have one IT person who deals with a wide range of issues, sometimes outside of their area of expertise.  With a Managed IT provider, your company has access to a team that has the qualifications, training, certifications, and experience specific to your industry.

Compliance Support 

Many businesses today have areas where they need to remain in compliance with regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Managed IT services can cater to those needs and ensure that your IT integrations are fully compliant and up-to-date. 

A Preventative Approach 

We’ll end with one of the more important benefits of a Managed IT service provider - the ability to be proactive when it comes to fixing issues or recognizing that a preventative approach is best. Companies with a limited IT department may not be able to keep up with the latest cyber security threats or vulnerabilities but a Managed IT provider can and does this well. This preventative approach means your business will likely see less downtime, and be able to remain efficient and productive in your main area of business.