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What Is the Zero Trust Network Access Approach? 

July 21, 2021

Born from the idea to, “never trust, always verify,” Zero Trust security is a reliable cyber security framework that defends against advanced attacks no matter where the access request originates.  The term Zero Trust was coined in 2010 by John Kindervag, former vice president and principal analyst for Forrester Research. What Kindervag realized was that…

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The Ultimate List of Best Practices for Computer Security & Computer Care 

July 7, 2021

Maintaining the security of your business can be an overwhelming undertaking. There’s the hardware, software, access controls, passwords, physical security, and administrative safeguards that need to be constantly monitored. And that doesn’t even make a dent in the computer security and care responsibilities that businesses need to worry about.  In response to the staggering amount…


How Can Ransomware Bring a Business To Its Knees?

June 2, 2021

As an IT Support and Managed IT Provider, we make it our business to know what security risks each of our client’s systems face. Unfortunately, not all businesses realize the internal and external threats they may encounter. Ransomware is one such threat that can bring a business, and more recently, an entire industry to its…