Benefits of Choosing VoIP For Your Business 

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a powerful communication system for organizations both large and small in a wide variety of industries. From the ability of a VoIP system to scale up or down with your business to the variety of features and customer service options, this system is one to consider for your growing business.  What are the big benefits for small businesses (and large ones alike) when installing and utilizing VoIP? Let’s review why a VoIP system could be advantageous for your business and how Spectra Networks can help. 

people working with computers


Businesses are always looking for ways to work smarter and stay within budget. VoIP providers usually charge a monthly per-user fee, rather than a fee based on how many minutes everyone in the company spends on the phone. Additionally, savings can also be found in the fact that companies can avoid spending outrageous amounts on specialized equipment and the trained IT staff to keep it running, resulting in further cost savings. Often desk phones can be provided at no cost from the VoIP vendor, although not guaranteed.  By consolidating all business phone services with one VoIP provider, many businesses have found major cost savings. Combining business phone services such as instant messaging, mobility, video conferencing services and calling charges under one umbrella is a financially smart business move.  Let’s not forget that international calls for global business organizations can be expensive. Using a VoIP means bypassing required circuits for overseas calls. Instead, a VoIP uses the internet to make calls, which means it's treated like normal traffic and is less expensive.

Advanced and Customizable Features 

As we explored in our last blog on the Popular Features of VoIP, there are so many options that will keep your business up and running efficiently and productively.  Not only does VoIP match traditional calling features, but it can also integrate with other communication features like chat, email, CRM platforms, conferencing features and video integration making it a very powerful tool. 

two monitor set upScalability 

Each time your business grows, a VoIP service can grow and change with you. Adding lines and features is easy and fast depending on the type and brand you choose. If your business is continually growing and changing, VoIP is simple and easy to use as well as add a line in a few clicks of a button.

Access for Remote Workers 

For businesses that employ a remote workforce or have multiple locations, VoIP allows for a big advantage. Remote workers, travelers or businesses with multiple locations allow for the business phone line to follow them wherever they are. 


But what if the internet goes down, what happens to our VoIP?  This common question is resolved by using other components of the system such as desktop, web (softphone) or mobile applications to make and receive calls. This makes VoIP reliable even in bad weather and during outages. 

Improved Customer Service 

Getting a call to the right person promptly or using the multitude of features available means your customers and clients will receive much-improved service on a daily basis. Call features such as forwarding, messages, group calls and video conferencing options will enhance the entire experience for your customers and workforce.  Spectra Networks knows how transformative and beneficial a VoIP system could be for your business whether you are looking to improve reliability, productivity, customer experience or remote options. Talk to our team about the type, features and benefits VoIP could have for your business.  Call us directly at 978-219-9752, visit us at Mills58 on Pulaski Street in Peabody or fill out our contact form. We are happy to help!