Should my business upgrade to Windows 10?


While it is a wonderful upgrade, when dealing with your business, it’s best to make sure all the kinks are out of the program before handing over your business operations and your money.   windows-10-FB


You need to make sure Windows 10 will be compatible with other crucial software and hardware you use to keep your business going. The new software may run slowly, or not at all.   Windows-10-Cortana


While Cortana is a nice feature, this opens up your internal processes. If you already use Microsoft products for your calendar and other accounts, it may not be an issue. If not, it’s definitely something to consider.   Windows-10-Tablet-Mode

Tablet interface

If you have a number of people in the field and they use tablets, the learning curve and universal apps may not be appealing.   Windows-10-Updates

Forced updates

With Windows 10, there will be a lot of updates which could affect other software you need. The worst thing you could possibly do is upgrade to a system you aren’t ready for. A failed upgrade will cost you more time and money than you bargained for, and will disrupt operations. Even if you are thinking of upgrading, you should use a professional to make sure everything works properly. Are you ready?]]>