Case Study- North Shore Dentist, Swampscott, MA

North Shore Dentists has been delivering patient-centered dentistry for more than 40 years. They offer advancements in technology and techniques that mean a wider, stronger range of care options, especially for those who are a bit fearful or timid about going to the dentist in the first place. They often see patients who have not been to a dentists in years. North Shore Dentists is the perfect place in that they offer a revolutionary approach to dentistry with the use of the Solea Dental Laser which allows for healthy, beautiful smiles, with no pain!   While the dental professionals at North Shore Dentists stay busy with learning and practicing important dental advancements, the IT experts here at Spectra Networks have their back. Spectra is able to focus on long term successes and IT changes that make North Shore Dentists more efficient and help them avoid security, software and other common IT pitfalls due to our “All-In Managed Services Plan.” In the past year alone we have managed to: upgrade their server and network infrastructure to support a new Sirona 3D Pan X-Ray unit, move them to a client-server architecture for better security, maintain HIPPA compliance with the installation of a new Sophos Firewall (to mitigate unauthorized external access attempts and scan and filter all outbound access) and we also assisted with coordinating the implementation of a new phone system, acting as a resource between the client, and all vendors. In addition, we have Installed a Backup and Disaster Recovery solution in the case of a cyber attack, event of Mother Nature or a system failure. By using our service plan the staff at North Shore Dentists can focus on the work in their field and leave the IT issues and solutions to us!   After working closely with their team, this is what North Shore Dentists had to say about Spectra Networks, “Joe and the Spectra team really had our back. We feel very secure when it comes to the technology end of patient care. Spectra was able to bring us into the “safety zone" when it comes to patient care and HIPPA regulations. Not only do we feel like Spectra was looking out for our best interest and our patients best interest but they also made a personal connection to our business. We have referred Spectra to several other dental practices due to the outstanding work.” ]]>