Case Study The SDM Foundation – Melrose, MA

Since the inception of the SDM Foundation in Melrose, Massachusetts in 2015, Spectra Networks has worked alongside this robust non-profit 501(c)(3) private operating foundation offering educational programs and services for technical novices. The SDM Foundation assists beginners use email, the web, digital photography, online music, video conferencing and all of the other ways that people interact, learn, and participate in society using computers.   The SDM Foundation was created by Stuart D. McIntosh in a bequest upon his death with the ultimate goal of helping people use technology to make their lives better. While Mr. McIntosh never used email a day in his life, he realized that the advantages of being able to use current technology were enormous, but that it was very difficult for people not already in-the-know to gain access. He hoped that others could benefit from assistance focused on what they wanted to do, not on what the computer was able to do. Using the funds he bequeathed SDM was born.   With Stuart’s wishes in mind SDM offers lessons on a variety of topics including Chromebook for beginners, Email for Beginners and Advanced, Facebook lessons, iPad navigation, Internet Safety and classes on every conceivable thing you want to know about computer devices and the internet. Most lessons are given in small class sizes, limited to four students, in order to provide for more personalized attention. Students may bring their own equipment or borrow the Foundations equipment during the lesson.   Spectra Networks has been the IT service partner with the SDM Foundation since even before it opened its doors. Spectra was charged with planning and designing the space that SDM chose in Melrose to use as their office and educational learning space. Spectra was involved in the entire process of choosing the equipment and hardware, setting up the server, establishing security protocols, and installing everything they use on a daily basis to provide their free classes and seminars. In addition, Spectra team members conduct monthly upgrades and routine maintenance to keep their systems running smoothly.   Executive Director of SDM Foundation, Kristin Thorp, had this to say about her experiences with Spectra Networks: “Joe and the Spectra Networks team are not only very responsive, but also proactive. At every turn, Joe understood what I wanted and had great ideas for how to implement and even improve my ideas.”   Call Spectra Networks at 978.219.9752, or visit our website at Spectra Networks to find out more about their team can help your business.  ]]>