Causes of Data Loss and the Need for Back Ups

Last week, we discussed the consequences of not having a strong Disaster Recovery Plan. The financial impact, reputation loss, and risk to clients can be catastrophic. We often don't consider the risks involved in and what could possibly cause data loss. Let’s take a closer look at the most common causes of data loss, and how some fairly simple mistakes in how we save, store, and handle our data can cause a data loss.  

Human Error

We all know that we shouldn’t eat or drink around our laptops, devices, or computers, but that doesn’t always stop us from doing so. Spilled drinks such as coffee and soda can really harm the interior tech of any device. In addition to spills, human operators have been known to accidentally delete files or important data. Without backup protocols and proper workflow solutions, these types of accidental human errors will continue to happen.  

Viruses and Malware

There are numerous viruses and malware that can infect computers in all business fields. Performing regular backups of your data and having them available after severe virus damages may have really high value. Staying on top of the latest software updates and virus patches can make a difference between keeping your organization running smoothly and possibly facing downtime.  

Mechanical Damage

Hard drives have many small moving parts that can easily break and wear down after years of use. Avoid hard disk failures and hard drive issues by practicing regular backups, be it to the cloud, a server, or a separate location.  


It is no surprise with the number of businesses that have employees traveling with devices that thefts occur rather often. Laptops and mobile devices can be easily stolen from airports, coffee shops, and conference halls. As long as the data has been backed up, the loss of data is not as painful.  

Power Failures

Whether it is an overloaded system or an act of nature, a power failure can mean not only a loss of data but also potential damage to the operating system or hardware. Automatic backups can help in these situations where data is needed from the last day or few hours.     Data loss can happen at any organization. Therefore, planning for a disaster, virus, or human error is imperative to maintain the day-to-day operations. If your company needs to establish a strong data loss prevention policy and backup protocols, call Spectra Networks at 978.219.9752, or visit our website. ]]>