Your IT Checklist for HIPAA Compliance

Technical Safeguards: This area of criteria for HIPAA compliance deals with the technology used to store and transmit confidential patient data. The U.S. Department of Commerce - National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) requires that, regardless of whether the data is at rest or in transit, it should be encrypted according to their standards. This ensures that any breach of confidential patient data renders the data unreadable, undecipherable, and unusable. Included in this safeguard are:     Physical Safeguards: These safeguards focus mainly on the access of data where it is stored, whether it is in the cloud or on a server located on the premises. It also means safeguards for workstations and all devices where an unauthorized person could gain access to sensitive data.     Administrative Safeguards:  This area brings together the Privacy Rule and Security Rule, and includes:     Does your medical or dental practice have an expert technical professional maintaining your technology to remain in compliance? Or are you adding new technology that needs to be compliant? Call or text Spectra Networks at 978.219.9752, or visit our website today.  ]]>