Cloud Hosting and Its Benefits 

In the past few years, Cloud Hosting has become a popular option for server and network configurations. The cloud in general tends to be a bit confusing for those that are not technophiles as it is not a tangible item but rather a concept of how technology can be configured. Let’s explore the concept of Cloud Hosting and take a look at the benefits that your business could receive when choosing this configuration. 

What is Cloud Hosting? 

Cloud Hosting can be simply described as a network of virtual servers that can tap into an underlying network of physical servers. The level or extent to which you tap into this network depends upon the actual needs of the website or business and can be scaled up or down accordingly to the needs of that company. Sometimes these devices are referred to as virtual machines, or VMs.

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Benefits of Using Cloud Hosting 


One of the largest factors that makes Cloud Hosting so attractive to small or medium-sized businesses is that it is completely scalable depending upon the needs of the company. It can grow as the business grows. Many Cloud Hosting companies offer a pay-as-you-go pricing model with no minimum fee. This can allow for scaling a server's resources up or down as needed. 

Increased Speed: 

Businesses count on reliable and fast service when it comes to accessing data. Cloud Hosting services can instantly detect which server is closest to a given user so they receive content from the nearest source. This can increase speeds dramatically. Using powerful cloud servers to distribute load also takes some of the burden off local hosts and speeds up page requests as well.

Increased Security:

Cloud Hosting offers an additional layer of security. First there is the physical safety measures to protect the data center from being hacked or broken into. Then, there is a layer of security at the server level. And then, if that isn’t enough, Cloud Hosting offers an additional layer of security that protects the virtual network and isolates your cloud hosting environment. These redundancies make for exceptional security protocols.


Many workplaces are no longer centrally located due to the shift to remote work across our nation. Cloud Hosting can help with this as well. This form of hosting service can instantly determine which server is closest to a given user in order to receive content from the nearest source. This can minimize delays and page loading times. This can distribute the load and take some of the burden off your local hosts which could speed up page requests. Not quite convinced yet? Need more information? Talk to our IT specialists who can examine your business and see if Cloud Hosting will benefit your company now or in the future. Contact Spectra Networks or check out our website for more information about our Cloud Services or Cloud Hosting.