Common Computer Support Questions and Answers

For the last 13 years, Spectra Networks has made it our business to provide technology services for small-to-medium businesses throughout Boston and the North Shore. One of the services that we are happy to provide our clients is one-on-one computer support anytime, day or night. Knowing how difficult technology can be at times, we are proud of our ability to offer our clients a single point of contact IT expert who can answer questions and provide advice as needed.  Believe me, we have encountered all sorts of questions and we answer all of them without the “tech-speak” that many outside of our field get thrown off by. Here are a few of the most common computer support questions, problems and solutions.   Problem - Windows freezing or stopping Solution Checklist -   Problem - Malfunctioning Scanner Solution Checklist -   Problem - Wi-Fi Connection not working Solution Checklist -   Problem - Keyboard not working Solution Checklist -   While this only scratches the surfaces of potential computer support issues, check back with us periodically as we discuss more common IT problems and how to solve them. Remember, all of Spectra Networks technicians and engineers are either Microsoft, Apple, and/or CompTIA certified to ensure the highest standard of customer service and business computer support. Call Spectra Networks at at 978.219.9752, or visit our website at Spectra Networks.]]>