Cyber Security Issues –  2022 Edition 

What can we expect from the year 2022 in terms of cyber security? In past years we have focused on privacy issues, HIPAA compliance rules, and the proliferation of ransomware.  Security experts now stress the importance of evolving our thinking and changing our mindset about cyber security by taking a look at major events going on around us such as supply chain attacks, misinformation campaigns, mobile malware and larger scale data breaches. This is where we may see the realm of cyber security shift toward in the coming year.  Let’s take a little closer look at what cyber security experts are saying about what’s on the horizon in terms of security for our digital world in the coming months and year. 

cyber security

Are New Regulations On The Way? 

According to Security Magazine and Gartner, you will want to have your radar up for new cyber security regulations to be passed.  While we have already seen the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) put incident disclosure at the top of their list of things that will need to change, there are other areas that may see regulations as well.  “We have already begun to see indications and movement towards regulations, but our prediction is that we will see new regulations fast-tracked for cybersecurity standards, first in the form of executive orders to government suppliers (already started), and then expanding to regulated industries via more specialized government agencies,” according to Security Magazine. 

Supply Chains Will Be a Security Vulnerability

By now we have all heard the woes of the shipping and transportation industry in regards to supply chain issues. If you haven’t, just check out your corner grocery store and bare shelves will tell you everything you need to know. There is a huge supply chain issue after the pandemic.  Cyber criminals will continue to target this area of vulnerability.  According to IBM, “Cyberattacks no longer just impact the targeted organization but often have a ripple effect that harms partners, providers, customers and others along the supply chain. For 2022, Check Point expects that trend to escalate with more data breaches and malware infections.”


Misinformation Will Amplify Cyber Scams 

“Fake News” or misinformation has been a major issue throughout the pandemic, not just in terms of medical information, but in regards to cyber scams preying on unsuspecting victims who fall for the typical covid-19 scam.  We recently wrote about the coronavirus scams that have been trending in the last few months. Continue to be vigilant and be wary of any online scam that asks for your personal information or payment to receive a covid pill or alternative treatment. 

An Increase in Mobile Attacks

With many organizations adjusting to the pandemic by offering remote or hybrid work schedules, it is natural that more people will be conducting business on their personal mobile devices.  Unfortunately, this shift also means that criminals are increasingly turning to mobile malware as an attack vector. In 2021, almost half of all organizations reviewed by Check Point had at least one employee who downloaded a malicious mobile app. With the growing use of mobile wallets and mobile payment services, attackers will continue to exploit the reliance on mobile devices. Want to know more about the security vulnerabilities, both internal and external for your organization? Talk to our team about a consultation and review of your security practices.