Emerging Technology: Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) 

Our IT world is ever changing. It evolves to quickly adapt to changing work environments and security threats from every corner of the globe. Over the next few months we will be examining emerging technology and how it can answer some of these evolving issues and protect your organization from threats, both large and small.  Today we are exploring Secure Access Service Edge technology, otherwise known as SASE (pronounced sassy). Those at the helm of your organization may want to know more about what this emerging technology is, why it’s needed, and how it can help your organization become more secure, while allowing for maximum flexibility. 

What Is SASE? 

Secure Access Service Edge, (what a mouthful) is a network architecture that combines networking (WAN) and cloud-delivered security into one high-end service.  According to Citrix, SASE, “has the means to support the fast and secure application access needs of today’s workforce. It rolls together enterprise networking and network security.”

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Why Is It Needed? 

In the past few years, our digital world has changed drastically. Mobile access to data and remote work has become a way of life. Even post-pandemic, many workplaces are offering hybrid work options to allow for some of the advantages of productivity and flexibility we have seen over this pandemic year.  If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that users expect to be able to work anywhere with the same level of security and the same easy user experience, whether they are at work or home. SASE can help provide that possibility.  In addition to changes in how and where we work, security threats are also emerging at a speed never seen in the IT world before. Constantly upgrading can be tedious and time consuming for your IT department, especially when your workforce is not all in one location. SASE can be one answer to those threats.  Yet another reason why SASE may be needed is that cloud-based software (or SaaS, Software as a Service) is now mainstream. By using the SASE model, security technology will now sit between users and the cloud. 

What are the Benefits of SASE? 

Wondering why your organization should consider some of the SASE technologies from Citrix To start, “68% of organizations currently use or will be implementing a SASE architecture.” That means many companies have already started experiencing the benefits of securing their hybrid or remote workforce. Here are a few reasons why. 

Uncompromised Performance

Users expect the same experience regardless of where they find themselves working. Citrix SASE uses the cloud infrastructure to allow easy and secure access to resources, company data, and applications. 

Increased Security 

Let’s face it, our digital world needs increased security. According to Network World, “Security is increased because policies are equally enforced regardless of where users are located. As new threats arise, the service provider addresses how to protect against them, with no new hardware requirements for the enterprise.”  SASE also uses a Zero Trust approach to the cloud which removes trust assumptions when users, devices, and applications connect. This consistent enforcement of security policy generally increases overall security. 

Cost Savings 

By using a single platform, SASE can eliminate the need to buy and manage multiple products. The results can create a cost (and time) savings! 


The SASE security model allows for employee flexibility especially now that we live in a remote and hybrid remote work world.  When existing networks don’t always provide the level of security that organizations need with the flexibility to work anywhere, consider a switch to SASE. Talk to our specialists today about how this would look in your organization.