Harnessing the Benefits of Generative AI 

Generative AI has taken the world by storm and permeated our lives in ways that many of us don’t even realize. From autonomous cars to chatbots and prompt-based content creation, generative AI isn’t going away anytime soon. Therefore, harnessing its power should be a priority for your business.  The statistics of how AI will potentially impact the global economy are astounding and the perfect reason to get in on the action for your business. According to Bank of America Global Research's February 2023 report, “Me, Myself and AI—Artificial Intelligence Primer,” the amount that AI could add to the global economy is $15.7 trillion!  Given this impact, let’s consider how your business could benefit from AI technology. 


Increase In Productivity 

Let’s face it, we’d all like to forego the mundane tasks that steal valuable work time. AI can automate processes and speed up the workflow allowing team members to focus on the more important tasks. Streamlining business processes is one of the biggest benefits of generative AI. 


Since AI programs can be fine-tuned for various tasks such as content creation, translation, and question answering, the parameters can be changed depending on the industry in which it is being used. 

Improved Customer Experience 

For businesses that rely on positive customer experiences with products and services, AI can personalize the experience. AI allows for data on customers' buying patterns and demographics along with business data to create personalized content and recommendations. This tech allows customers to ultimately match with the product or service they desire. 

Strengthens Cybersecurity 

Cybersecurity often relies on a human element that can often be flawed. Cyber attacks are on the rise and having support to identify threats early (and possibly prevent them from occurring) is one way that AI benefits businesses daily.  The premise of AI is that it looks for patterns that are out of the norm therefore it can detect abnormalities in usage or access to your system or network. This allows for another layer of protection and allows IT professionals to focus on other tasks. 

AIAdvances Research 

AI encourages and supports research in many industries. In particular, the healthcare industry has used AI to study novel drugs and allows researchers to closely analyze molecules allowing for the development of drug compounds and test effectiveness. This concept can be applied to other industries and tailor the research to the area in question. 

Fosters Innovation 

AI can analyze such a large amount of data that it can find new avenues for innovation. For example, AI may help discover new ideas for product development, and new service opportunities, predict market changes or give valuable insights on the market related to your industry. 

Improve Communication and Content 

Communicating with consumers, employees and vendors is critical for most businesses. AI communication tools can help facilitate connections such as sending automated emails, text messages, reminders, newsletters and more. The tools can help create communication methods by creating content that is tailored to certain customers. For instance, marketing teams that hope to communicate to targeted audiences rely on AI to help craft content such as ad copy, taglines, graphics for social media, newsletters, and blog posts to keep their audience engaged.  AI platforms can create meaningful content for your business by merely plugging in a prompt.  Need help getting started with AI platforms in your organization? Contact us online, call us at (978) 219-9752, or visit us at Mill 58 on Pulaski Street in Peabody.