Helping Your IT Specialists Help You

Technology can be a wonderful thing. It can speed up work, make communication more efficient, and can keep everything organized and running smoothly. Unfortunately, this only happens when the technology is working properly. When the tech fails, everything in your office comes to a grinding halt. For example, the printer won’t work, email is down, or you seem to have lost access to data that was accessible just yesterday. When these things occur, there are some important things you can do to help your IT department or IT specialists help you get things going again. Here are a few suggestions to let us help you.   Communicate The Issue We would love to claim that we are magicians or mind readers and be able to solve a computer issue with the wave of a wand or the twitch of the nose. Sadly, we need to understand the problem before we begin to solve it. That means it is helpful if you could communicate the issue clearly. Instead of saying the wifi isn’t working let us know some specifics such as the modem light is off, or it hasn’t worked for this many hours. The more information you can give us the better. Things like, when did you initially notice the issue, how often does the issue occur, what network or system it is on, etc.?   Tell Us When You Don’t Understand As tech people, we tend to speak our own language and can sometimes forget that not everyone knows what we are saying. Let us know what you understand and what you don’t. Remember that we walk a fine line between layperson speak and communicating with others in our field who get what we are saying. We try our hardest at Spectra to put everything in as simple terms as possible so that our clients, no matter the level of tech expertise, will understand.   Be Patient Sometimes, our job is fast and we can solve an issue in a matter of minutes. Other times, we need a little more time to find the root problem, whether it is outdated software, an internal problem, or something specific to your field of business. Our specialists at Spectra can give you the time to get the problem resolved efficiently and correctly the first time.   Help us, help you next time there is a tech meltdown at your office. Call Spectra Networks at 978.219.9752 or visit our website.  ]]>