Implementing Software Without Stressing Out Your Employees 

Change is stressful. Changing to new software after your employees have embraced and learned to skillfully operate the older, more familiar software can be downright difficult.  Sure, the “tech enthusiasts” from the IT department or the natural innovators in your office have been sitting in all those meetings helping to determine what software is needed and how to best implement it. They are shaking their heads in agreement and eagerly awaiting the start date. They are thrilled at the prospect of software that can help them do their jobs faster and better.  Unfortunately, the other people at the table, (you know the ones)… the employees that are concerned about adopting a new technology are nervous and quite possibly stressing out about adjusting to the new software.  How do you help that group adjust without losing their minds? 

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Involve Skeptics in the Process 

People are generally resistant to change. Much of that resistance comes from the unknown and not feeling like they have gotten to know the software product. Put them more in control by involving them in the process.  Some of this resistance can be solved by including both innovators, doubters, and people all over the spectrum of technology expertise in the search for your new software products. This may help even the strongest skeptics to adopt the new programs. They may not do it with welcoming arms but at least it is a start. 

Hold Training Events 

Training events, both in large and small groups, can be a very effective way to help your team members understand how to use the new software. Our team at Spectra Networks can work with you to ease even your biggest skeptics into a new software. Change is hard and we aim to make it easier. 

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Consider Pairing Employees

Inevitably, you will have employees that are quick to adopt and become skillful with new tech, while others are a little slower to adapt. Pair these two groups together and you will have a mentor/mentee situation where questions can be asked and troubleshooting can occur without the fear of making a mistake. It just eases the transition and allows for good communication between team members. 

Successful Implementation 

Implementing new software isn’t a walk in the park. From choosing the software, to installation, and then to implementation, it can be very challenging. The key to adopting a new program is getting your employees on board and less stressed about the entire process.  Talk to our professional team members about how we can help you from the buying process right through the training sessions. We are here to help.