The Importance of a Disaster Recovery Plan

New Englanders are a pretty hardy bunch and can handle the might of Mother Nature such as flash floods, hurricanes, and even the occasional blizzard! But when it comes to our IT and the health of our businesses, we know to prepare well in advance for unforeseen events. Disaster Recovery Planning for businesses means avoiding having day-to-day operations come to a grinding halt due to weather events, natural catastrophes, or even a maliciously planned hacking. Without a disaster recovery plan, an organization may suffer high financial costs, reputation loss, and even greater risks for its clients and customers. Here is a closer look at the importance of Disaster Planning and Data Backups.   Economic Impact Did you know that, according to the "ESG Research Review Data Protection Survey" from Enterprise Strategy Group, only 53% of organizations can tolerate less than an hour of downtime before they experience a significant revenue loss or other adverse business impact? Spectra Networks can help your organization review your current processes, test for gaps, evaluate and redefine what needs to be done so that the next time an event brings your company down, the issue can be resolved quickly and get you right back at it.   Reputation Loss We have all seen the news when companies reveal that they lost sensitive data during an unforeseen event, and were required by law to notify clients and customers. Don’t let the next newscast be about your company or organization. The events of the past few years have shown us that reputations can be harmed and even ruined if companies can not bounce back quickly from a data loss event or natural disaster.   Risk to Clients For organizations such as those in the medical and dental field, a disaster could mean that sensitive client data is compromised. This could mean not only a hit to a practice’s reputation, but also legal hot water if the data that was compromised is protected under the federal law HIPAA.   For these three reasons, creating and maintaining a Disaster Recovery Plan is crucial for organizations both big and small. Does your plan need work or revamping? Call Spectra Networks at 978.219.9752, or visit our website.    ]]>