Important COVID-19 Information

Spectra Networks is actively monitoring COVID-19 as it directly affects our customers, employees, and their communities. Visit the CDC and/or WHO website for more information on how to best protect yourself and your clients.

Spectra Networks has implemented a business continuity plan, and offer this reminder that now is a good time to review the policies you have in place. We are uniquely positioned that much of our operation can be handled remotely, thus minimizing exposure risk. For issues necessitating an on-site visit, we are currently working with partner firms to ensure full-time contingency availability despite the potential for temporary office closures.

Spectra Networks can assist you with the implementation of Emergency Work Kits, leveraging your current remote access tools or establishing new off-site workflows to ensure undisrupted business. Some of our partner agencies are offering reduced rates or free tools during this outbreak to help minimize interruptions.

We encourage all of our clients to reach out with any questions or concerns they may have. If you would like to discuss your organization's business continuity plan or review emergency policies we welcome the opportunity to assist.

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