Is Your Computer Trying to Tell you Something?

Life would be so much easier if we all had a crystal ball that could tell us what’s coming just around the corner. Things like car crashes, poor life choices, bad dates, and computer disasters could be completely avoided. While we can’t help with the life choices or disaster dates, we can give you a look into the ways that your computer is sending you a message that an IT disaster is forthcoming. 

A computer disaster could take the form of a server failure, overheated hardware, a system crash, software that is infected with a virus, security issues, or a network outage to name just a few of the hundreds of things that could go wrong with your devices and networks. Thankfully, there are usually some red flags that pop up well in advance of a total tech failure. If you know what to look for, you may be able to inform your IT department or consulting company in order to rectify the problem before it gets worse. 

Warning Signs 

A Slow Down or Freeze Up

One of the biggest things our clients notice before they end up calling for help is a slow down on their computer or a computer freezing entirely. If your device is running noticeably slower than normal or having the occasional freezing episodes, then this is surely a sign that something is going wrong internally. The slowing could be a sign of too many people using the same network connection or too many windows open, so try closing things out and restarting your computer. If you still have the slowdown, call your IT specialist for an evaluation since this is a cry for help by your device. 

Strange Sounds 

Do you notice that your laptop or desktop seems a little noisier than usual? Are you hearing churning noises or whirring sounds? Since computers tend to have moving parts to get their work done, it is not completely out of the question that your device may whirr or click at times. The internal fan can wear down thus causing a loud whirring sound. If this continually occurs, get it checked out because that fan is what keeps your computer from overheating. If you hear clicking or grinding noises that continue, that could indicate a mechanical problem with your hard drive so seek help immediately. 


It is fairly common to feel the heat of a laptop on your legs if you happen to be working in bed or on a sofa. While mild warmth is fairly normal while the computer is in operation, if you notice that your device is warm to the touch all the time then that could indicate a larger problem. If a computer is not kept cool it could lead to long-term problems. Report any overheating to your IT specialists. 

An Unusual Number of Pop-Ups 

Boy do we hate pop-ups! They slow us down and can become annoying. Not only can these little pop-ups be a nuisance but they may also indicate that your computer has been infected with adware. Most adware or malware infections involve several different spyware programs on the back-end, which can quickly overwhelm a computer causing it to crash.

Are you or any of your workmates experiencing these warning signs? What is your computer trying to tell you? Spectra Networks can help by completing a comprehensive evaluation and upgrade where necessary. Contact Spectra Networks at 978.219.9752 or visit our website