IT Time Savers

Small business owners are always looking for ways to be more efficient and productive. After all, most business leaders from small companies need to take on many different roles. Thankfully, there are ways that your devices can help shave precious minutes off your tasks for the day and serve as time savers in a typically busy day. 

If streamlining the work you need to complete each day is important to you, then finding the right tech to make that process easier should also be critical. Here are a few of our favorite software that can keep you organized, on time, and connected with your colleagues. 

Calendars and Scheduling 

Juggling the responsibilities of running a business means you need to be able to schedule appointments with clients, vendors, and employees all in one place. You also need others to be able to access this calendar and make changes when necessary. Many professionals rely on a calendar app to keep them organized and on a strict schedule, with reminder notifications and their day laid out in front of them. Google Calendar is a favorite and so is Appointy. Google actually partnered with Appointy to bring online scheduling software to small business owners who need to schedule appointments, manage calendars, and coordinate appointments with staff. Appointy also allows customers to schedule their own appointments online 24/7.

File and Image Sharing

Businesses commonly need to share files and images and one of the best ways to do this is by using Dropbox or Google’s G-Suite with File Sharing. Dropbox for Business is a secure file sharing and storage tool that provides a central storage location and collaboration platform for your business files. Google’s G-Suite allows for sharing with specified team members who can view, edit, or comment. This ability to share quickly with team members can save some serious time especially when projects are nearing deadlines. 


If part of your work duties also include managing financing then having an expense reporting tool can make your job easier. Expensify is a great application that helps small business owners to streamline the way employees report expenses, the approval process, and the process for utilizing that data in accounting software. 


As we have mentioned in earlier blogs, emails can pile up and go unnoticed for hours. Having a way to communicate with team members within your office or remotely is essential to staying on top of projects and client needs. We love Slack to communicate and organize information about client projects or presentations. 

Is there some component of your work that seems to take up your time? There is probably an app out there to help streamline your work. Talk to your IT specialist to see if they can suggest any ways that your tech can help save you time. Questions or comments? Call us at 978.219.9752 or visit our website