Most Common Causes of Data Loss

According to data from Kroll Ontrack:   Losing data can be a costly event, but knowing where the dangers are can be half the battle. Some other causes of data loss other than hard drive crashes, human error, or software failure include the following:  
  1. Power Outages - Think of the number of storms the United States has experienced in the last few years that have caused widespread outages lasting days, sometimes even weeks. Be prepared with a data recovery solution before one of these disasters hits.
  2. Hacking - In the past few years, hacking has become a huge problem. Especially concerning are those hackers who hold your data for ransom until you pay to regain access. A back up plan that is followed regularly can help you get back on your feet quickly without having to deal with the malicious group. Be sure that your security protocols are being followed and that you assess them regularly to keep up with current threats.
  3. Theft - With our workplaces becoming more and more mobile, there are more chances to have devices, from tablets or laptops, stolen while you are on the move. If your employees have the means to access data remotely, then you should also have the means to wipe those devices remotely in the case of a theft.
  4. Virus/Malware - Viruses can steal and delete large amounts of data or bring business operations to a crawl. Be sure you have the most updated security versions and regularly test and evaluate your system for viruses.
  5. Mechanical Damages - It can happen that an employee could drop a device, or spill a drink on it that could damage the fragile parts of the interior of the computer.
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