Overcoming a Security Breach

No business leader wants to have to deal with the headache of a security breach. In fact, most industry leaders, as well as small and medium-sized businesses alike, plan well in advance to avoid a breach and work hard to ensure that they take every precaution to keep data and networks safe. Unfortunately, in today’s day-and-age, few businesses are truly one hundred percent risk-free. Breaches happen, but what you do next may make a huge difference to your clients and consumers. Here are a few tips in case you are in the unenviable situation where you must manage and overcome a security breach.   Be Transparent Be as open and forthcoming as you can be with not only your trusted employees but also with your consumers. One of the biggest mistakes that companies make when a security breach has happened is not to inform clients/consumers as soon as possible. Your best course of action, once a hack or breach has occurred is to hire not only an IT specialist who can find the holes in your security but also a PR specialist who can help you plan and keep customers rightfully informed.   Take Stock A breach means that there was room for improvement in your security protocols. The incident may allow for a thorough review of best practices, and find where gaps exist and mistakes were made. This is a great time to review safeguard guidelines and security protocols with everyone in the company and install new measures that may be more up-to-date.   Minimize Loss After a breach, it is important to face up to what happened and help your clients minimize their losses. IT technicians can help you at each step along the way so you can find out whose information and what information was lost.   Gear Up Your Security Now is a good time to invest in an updated security system that covers all aspects of your business, from the physical security of your server room to encryption and software improvements. Forbes online suggests, “Keep an eye on the latest solutions that are developed to combat large hacks, find platforms that help you monitor your network and understand if there are unmanaged or unmonitored platforms in your networks.”   Have you experienced a breach? Do you need help getting back on your feet? Or would you like a security review to evaluate your current system? Call Spectra Networks at 978.219.9752 or visit our website.  ]]>