Physical Security For Your Business

In the past few years, cybersecurity has been at the forefront of the news as potential threats to businesses, healthcare systems and individuals continue to increase year after year. The FBI cites a report that “the cost of cybercrime would reach a massive $9.5 trillion in 2024 and would be in excess of $10.5 trillion by 2025.”  While we have regularly explored the importance of instituting best practices for cybersecurity both in your home and at your place of work, we also need to stress the importance of having robust physical security for your organization as well. Most security experts agree that cybersecurity should begin with strong physical security.  Let’s explore the main components of physical security your business should be putting in place - access control, surveillance and alarms all in one integrated platform. 

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The Goal of Physical Security in the Workplace

People often think about theft, vandalism, and catastrophic scenarios such as floods, fires, and natural disasters when they consider physical security features. But there are other risks to physical security such as subpar security practices and internal threats that could also pose a serious threat to business personnel and assets. While the ultimate goal of physical security is to deter unauthorized access to your workplace assets, many physical security components are focused on protecting personnel, hardware, software, networks and data. Without these barriers and protections, there could be serious loss or damage such as in the scenarios mentioned above. With the utilization of access control features, alarms, perimeter protections, and video surveillance, businesses can ensure the full protection of their data, resources, personnel and other key components that make their organization function successfully. 

Common Physical Threats To Businesses 

We often envision vandals, thieves or potentially disgruntled employees threatening business security. Physical security threats, however, can take a variety of other shapes and sizes. External threats such as vandalism or burglary are top concerns for businesses especially when organizations hold desirable items such as technology that could be sold for cash or used to gain sensitive data that can be a valuable commodity on the dark web. Selling sensitive data can be lucrative and robust steps should be taken to physically safeguard against access to that data. Internal threats to business security should also be considered, including bad actors such as disgruntled employees hoping to gain valuable technology or data to sell or destroy. Additionally, employees could unintentionally leave servers, computer rooms, or devices unattended providing an opportunity for others to steal the technology or data.  Equipment failures are yet another area where physical security should be considered. For instance, should a building have a fire or flood, cameras, surveillance and internal monitors could alert the proper people and authorities of the matter to prevent further damage. 


Physical Security Components to Consider 

From natural disasters to sabotage and from vandalism to internal threats, physical security takes many forms and should be weighed as seriously as cybersecurity. Here are a few options that Spectra Networks could help your organization with as you strengthen your physical security measures.  As a partner with Verkada, an industry leader in cloud-based building security and operating systems, we have a full suite of security solutions that can be customized for your unique business. 


One of the first lines of physical defense for any business should be an alarm system. Professional alarm systems offer not only video monitoring options that allow for management and quick response to incidents, but their presence alone can be a deterrent to intruders.  Components of an alarm system should include door, window, motion sensors, panic buttons, video security, access controls, and intercoms that can detect an intruder or unauthorized personnel from certain areas of the workplace. Alarms can send notifications to a main control screen as well as remotely to key individuals who can respond to the event.

Video Security 

Strategically placed video surveillance technology can help protect small and large businesses alike from intrusion, internal bad actors and allow for the security of company assets and personnel.  By replacing outdated technology with a smart cloud-based, secure and easy-to-manage video system, businesses can increase their overall security.  Video surveillance comes in many forms that work indoors, outdoors, in darkness and light, from a distance or telescopically and in small and large spaces.  Some of our Verkada security options for video security include the; 

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Access Control 

Identifying who gets access to sensitive areas of your workplace is critical to physically protecting your business assets. Depending on your organization’s needs, access controls can allow for easy installation, scalability, remote monitoring, and cloud management.  Components such as access controllers, door readers, wireless locks and access credentials for your workforce can create several layers of security. Individual credentials can allow for entrance depending on security clearance or requirements of each employee's job requirements. The technology behind access controls allows for remote access and eliminates the need for physical keys,  instead opting for security badges or Bluetooth unlock that both provide entrance to designated areas. 


No more clunky on-premise Network Video Recorders (NVR) or the limitations they bring.  Cloud-based security systems reduce the risk that unauthorized people will gain access to sensitive data. There is also less hardware to maintain and physical security is exposed to fewer risks.  

Intercoms & Guest Check-In 

Yet another component of your physical security involves videos and receivers that allow users to answer calls, grant entry into designated areas, and secure entrances with a cloud-managed intercom system.  Is your organization physically protected? Talk to our team about the type, features and benefits physical security systems could have for your business. Call us directly at 978-219-9752, visit us at Mills58 on Pulaski Street in Peabody or fill out our contact form. We are happy to help!