Popular Features of VoIP

Now that we have examined the basics of a VoIP system for your business, it’s time to get to the fun stuff, like the features you may want for your organization. Depending on the VoIP provider you choose, there is a spectrum of features that can help optimize your communications, efficiency and productivity; three things every business could use.  VoIP is a workplace rockstar when it comes to special features to choose from including an automated attendant, call messaging, conference calling, and call routing just to name a few. While every provider offers different features and options depending on your workplace needs and wants, here is a quick review of the possibilities for your business. 

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Voicemail and Call Forwarding 

Customer service is critical to a business’s success so having this common feature is a must. It may seem like a no-brainer but having a voicemail reach the right person and receive a return call promptly is one of the best ways to ensure your clients, employees, and vendors are kept in the loop.  If the desired person is not available either voicemail or call forwarding can take the caller to another member of your team for service. As an added feature conversations on VoIP support text transcription so a full transcript of the call can be made available to you and other team members. 

Automated Attendant 

Customer-facing employees need all the help they can get to deliver optimal customer service that is polite, warm, and helpful. An automated attendant helps answer, escalate, and route all incoming calls with courtesy and efficiency. This feature can be a cost-saving option that allows clients and customers to continue getting great customer service even during high-traffic times. 

Call Holding & Hold Music 

These two features go hand in hand and allow an attendant to put a call on hold while they find an answer to a problem, forward the call or connect the caller to the proper department. And since no one likes to sit on a call, music that can be customized to your business can help pass the time while their issue is handled. 

Call Queueing

This feature allows the calls to sit in the order in which it was received. This is important for organizations that take in a large volume of calls, especially at high traffic times and need a way to organize the calls. This automated feature keeps incoming calls organized, streamlines and shortens wait times. 

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Call Notify 

If your business is awaiting a call from a high-value customer or waiting to hear back about something critical, the call notify feature may be one to explore. This option allows important inbound calls to be promptly answered and alerts sent to the relevant account manager for fast service. 

Call Recording 

This feature allows managers to review calls that contain critical details as well as listen for tone and inflection to help meet the needs of customers. 

Video Conferencing 

The ability to video conference has made a huge impact on business over the last few years. VoIP video conferencing options allow users to meet with team members, clients, and others face-to-face to complete transactions such as group conference calls, how-tos, demonstrations and training. 

Call Analytics 

This feature gives managers a clear picture of when calls are happening as well as where they originate. All this data can help with hiring, planning and marketing. 


The Intercom is a feature that allows you to announce one extension or a group of extensions via a phone speaker. The called party does not need to pick up the handset. 

Call Parking 

The feature of Call Parking allows anyone on your team to enable call waiting until the right person can take the call.


Planning on having different holiday hours or taking a break during the year? The Schedules feature can help. Use the Holiday Hours feature to route your callers based on when you're open or closed.


If you desire SMS texting capabilities integrated with your VoIP, there are SMS features that can allow users to send and receive SMS texts through an App or Web portal as well as get notifications for voicemails, text messages, and voicemail transcription. 

Integrations with Third Parties 

One of the unique features available for VoIP is that it can integrate with other vendors to increase efficiency, allow users to multi-task and increase the ability to access, use and share data. Depending on the vendor and how you plan to use it, communications and customer service with be at an all-time high.  One of the most productive ways to use the full potential of your communication system is to use VoIP integrations to create a connected ecosystem where call agents, customer support agents, and salespeople have all the right tools at their fingertips.  This is just the start of the features you can add to your VoIP system. In fact, that is one of the great things about VoIP, it can be scaled to your business needs and change over time. Further features include mobile app options, business text messaging, call screening, call monitoring, and integration with other parts of your business.  Talk to our team at Spectra Networks about your VoIP needs and find out how we can help with installation and support from the sales to your full utilization.