What is Endpoint Protection?

One of the most important parts of your business security is endpoint protection, also called endpoint security. Endpoints are where cybercriminals execute code and exploit vulnerabilities. For your business, an endpoint may be a tablet, smartphone, desktop, laptop, server, or workstation. Security at this point needs to be protected against attacks, exploits, or even data leakage caused by human error.  

Why the Need for New Protection?

For decades, organizations have relied heavily on antivirus and antimalware as a way to secure endpoints. Today’s modern security threats are changing and evolving so rapidly that they no longer can protect endpoints with antivirus programs alone. computer-workstations-415138__340 (1)To answer the call for more advanced and sophisticated endpoint protection solutions comes Intercept X. This is the world’s most comprehensive endpoint protection built to stop the widest range of attacks. Using next-generation techniques, Intercept X has been proven to prevent even the most advanced ransomware and malware. This includes the ability to detect never-before-seen malware with deep learning, stop ransomware with Sophos anti-ransomware technology, and deny attacker tools with signatureless exploit prevention. Intercept X also includes root cause analysis to provide insight into threats, and instant malware removal to ensure no attack remnants remain. Here are some of the components of this comprehensive solution:    
  • Deep learning malware detection checks executable files pre-execution and is powered by machine learning.
  • Exploit Prevention is able to detect and stop over 25 exploit methods used to compromise vulnerable applications.
  • CryptoGuard detects and rolls back malicious file encryption activity caused by ransomware.
  • Safe browsing is made possible by monitoring a web browser’s crypt, presentation, and network interfaces to detect man-in-the-browser attacks that are common in many banking trojans.
  • Root cause analysis that gives a full explanation of what happened when malicious activity was detected.
  • Sophos Clean provides a robust malware removal capability that will restore tampered Windows OS files and registries.
  • Prevention of dumping of credentials.
  • Uses active adversary mitigations by disrupting an attack that has established a presence on the host.
  Instead of performing a signature and probing scan as traditional antivirus does, deep neural networks are able to extract millions of features from a file and determine if it is malicious before the program executes. All of this and more occurs with minimal impact on your computer’s performance.   Now think again about your IT security. Next time someone asks you about the more critical components of your business security protocol, wouldn’t you like to answer with Sophos Intercept X? To find out more of how this can help keep your company secure, call Spectra Networks at 978.219.9752 or visit our website.