Protecting Students from Emerging Threats – Sophos XG Firewall for Education

With the integration of technology the norm in schools, it has become even more important that school IT professionals protect students and networks from a wide range of emerging Internet threats. Think about your school days and how using the computer lab has evolved into “Bring Your Own Devices” (BYOD) to school, or school-issued laptops or tablets. Things sure have changed and the threats have evolved as well.   Cybersecurity challenges for schools include a whole host of issues such as social media controls, online searches that are appropriate, email filtering, storage and transmission of student and employee data, and malicious agents trying to infiltrate your school's network. Sophos XG Firewall for Education is the all-in-one protection to keep your users, data, network, and apps protected both affordably and efficiently. The new XG Firewall offers end-to-end protection for classroom computers and labs, as well as via tablets, phones, and other wireless devices. The XG Firewall can block unknown threats with a comprehensive suite of advanced protection. This security tool is optimized for schools, delivers all the protection, filtering, and monitoring insights you need in a single, affordable appliance. This next-generation firewall solution offers the following services:   Allowing students and faculty the freedom to open emails, research, connect socially and, ultimately, use technology to learn is made safer through this simple yet advanced XG Firewall protection. If your school is looking for help getting set up or needs support, call Spectra Networks at 978.219.9752 or visit our website.    ]]>