How to Spot the Signs of an Email Phishing Scam

Email phishing scams are a type of online scam where criminals send an email that appears to be from a legitimate company and ask you to provide sensitive information such as your bank account numbers, social security number, birthday, credit card number, usernames or passwords. These emails can look deceivingly legitimate and can cleverly get unsuspecting recipients to give up information that could cause long-lasting headaches. Look for the signs of an email phishing scam with these clues:     If you suspect that you are dealing with an email phishing scam, contact the company that is the subject of the email by phone to alert them. Then check your accounts periodically to be sure that no unauthorized logins have been performed. Then check with your IT department or IT professional to be sure that you have the most recent software to stop viruses, spam, and other malicious emails. Call Spectra Networks for more information at 978.219.9752, or visit our website.]]>