The Importance of Updating Your Computer 

Desktops, tablets, and smartphones make our lives infinitely better in a wide host of ways. They make accessing business data fast and efficient. They provide endless hours of entertainment. And they make it possible to digitally connect with business colleagues fast and practically seamlessly.  Computers of all varieties have the power to make our lives easier and (let’s face it) more fun. They, like most things in our lives, need maintenance and attention including the ever-annoying updates that come at the least opportune times.  Here’s a quick review of why you don’t want to ignore those bothersome updating notifications to update your laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone. 

Improved Security 

It may seem like notifications for updates come in at sporadic intervals that make no sense and follow no rhyme or reason. They do have a reason. These updates ensure that your device is having the latest versions installed, often with the latest fixes for security issues. Many times the newest version was specifically designed with patches or fixes with a security issue in mind.  Without the latest update on your computer, you are allowing hackers to be able to access older versions of the software that may have vulnerabilities that have been fixed in the latest version. 

clocksBetter Performance

Some of us don’t ignore the update notifications because we are hoping for a streamlined workflow and better performance which wasn’t available in the older versions. Who doesn’t like it when they can perform more complex tasks at a fast speed? We all do. So, the next time you see that pesky notification, instead of ignoring it, install it right away. 

New Features

Just like better performance, another aspect of an update to anticipate is the possibility of new features that could make each user’s experience better and more efficient.  Remember that first update when you could use biometrics to log in? How cool was that as an update? Think about that each time you postpone updating your device. 

Ensure Compatibility 

Each time you update your device you are ensuring that your device will be compatible with newer devices and newer software that have already hit the market. Without an update, you may not be able to connect with newer tech.  Next time your computer dings and provides a notification that it’s time to update, don’t hold back. Instead of dragging your feet or forgetting about installing completely, consider the security improvements, new features, compatibility, and improved performance that you may experience.