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Easy fixes to your Wi-Fi issues

By sperling | August 12, 2020
Whether your business is working remotely or fully back to “in office” meetings, having a reliable Wi-Fi is an absolute necessity. A loss of connection…
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Protecting Your Business with a Password Manager 

By sperling | August 3, 2020
The days of keeping your passwords on a sticky note or scribbled in a notebook are long gone. So are the days of using Qwerty,…
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Resuming IT Security and Disaster Preparations 

By sperling | July 29, 2020
Feels great to be getting back to “normal.” For IT specialists and computer service providers, that means preparing for any potential disaster, including an act…

Common Issues When Returning to Work

By sperling | July 15, 2020
Now that the state has eased us all back to a new semblance of normal many of us are headed back to our usual work…
cyber security

3 Cybersecurity Threats To Watch

By sperling | June 17, 2020
In the past few months we all have become even more dependent on our devices to keep us working, connected to family, and for all…
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Are Americans Changing Their Views on Privacy After the Pandemic? 

By sperling | June 10, 2020
One of our specialties here at Spectra Networks is dealing with the IT digital issues of compliance and security, specifically within the healthcare and dental…

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