Top 5 IT Support Issues 

In our new “normal” of hybrid and remote work options, computer technology can be an endless source of frustration and delays to getting projects and client work completed in a timely and efficient manner. Working remotely also means lots of troubleshooting technical glitches on your own or via calls with the IT department.  With these work parameters in mind, we have a few support issues to discuss to make your time at home or in alternate locations a little easier to take. 


Resetting Passwords 

A large amount of help desk issues revolve around passwords. Some of the problems include: passwords that don’t work, those that need to be stronger, and some that need resetting to access data.  One study has found that up to 57% of full-time employees had to reset a work-related password in the past 90 days. Part of the reason behind this phenomenon is password overload.  Think about the massive number of passwords that you use daily between your work and home. Your password threshold could be in the hundreds! To avoid the endless process of resetting passwords, consider using a password manager that can choose a difficult to crack password that can be managed through one main password program. 

Deleted or Lost Files 

This problem has happened to all of us at one time or another, probably causing a great deal of stress in the process. We are here to say, don’t panic! There are plenty of places your data could be hiding.  The first thing you should check is your recycle bin. If you’re using a Mac, check your trash. Use the search or find feature to do a quick look at where it could be. Also try searching under recently used. It is very possible there is a spelling error on the file name that could be making your data hard to locate.  If you still can’t find your data, stop using the computer and talk to your IT support manager. They should be able to recover it. Try not to use your computer for other things while they search as new data may overwrite the old. 


Does your laptop fan continually go on, making you think the device will take off into outer space? Your device could be overheating. There are a few steps you can take to ensure that this does not happen. 

wi-fi signal

Lost Wi-Fi Connections 

Another fairly common IT support problem is lost signal to the internet, or spotting Wi-Fi connection. Problems of this nature could cause slow internet connections or loss of connection entirely.  Causes of lost or spotty connection could be:  Talk to your IT department who can pinpoint the problem and recommend steps to counteract this issue. 

Printing Issues 

There is nothing more frustrating than a printer that won’t work! Start troubleshooting with some of the more obvious reasons, such as being out of paper or low on ink. From there, check that wire connections are properly in the right locations. Many times these little things can solve an aggravating printer problem.  If you still can’t print, it may be an access problem. Meaning you may need proper access to the network before you can print. If that is the case, your manager or IT professional can help alleviate this issue.  What are your most common IT support issues? Let us know and we may cover them in our next blog on this topic.