Top IT Challenges When Returning to Work After COVID-19 

Returning to work and some semblance of “normal” after this global health crisis is something many of our clients have been dreaming about since the stay-at-home orders were given by Governor Baker in mid-March.  While working from home may be manageable for many industries, many of our clients in the dental and medical fields needed to actually “see” patients to perform any services. Other than consultations via telehealth video conferences, it was near impossible to complete any hands on tests or dental work. Now that the quarantine orders are being slowly lifted there are still some hurdles to get over when getting back to the work at hand. 

social distance sign and two women

Maintaining Safety

While not necessarily an IT issue, maintaining safety should be of paramount importance for any business reopening. Washing hands often, wearing masks, and cleaning work spaces should all be a routine part of getting back to work. Include in your practices cleaning the technology you use including any devices, machinery, and dental/medical equipment. 

Cyber Security 

Now that employees are returning to the office, be sure you're continually on the lookout for potential scams related to the coronavirus. There are multiple phishing scams that use the lure of testing sites, a virus exposure alert, bogus treatments, and alerts from fake government groups.  The Federal Communications Commission FCC has received many reports of scam and hoax text message campaigns and scam robocalls offering free home testing kits, promoting bogus cures, selling health insurance, and preying on virus-related fears. To protect yourself, your employees, and clients, they suggest not responding to calls or texts from unknown numbers. They also suggest not opening emails that promise a cure, treatment, or anything that asks you to provide personal information.   A quick refresher for your frontline employees who deal with incoming emails and vendor information would help to remind them of the possibilities of phishing scams and malware that can be hidden in emails and attachments. 

skill development

Skill Development

While it may have been only a few months since your office was shuttered, technology and innovation has continued to march along. Be sure that your team is up-to-date on backups, virus detection software, and new protocols that need to be taken due to the coronavirus. Before you open your doors you may want to consider the many online and remote refresher courses especially in the IT certification areas.  Does your team need retraining or some catch up work on backups, software training, or other aspects of your IT plan? Talk to our specialists here at Spectra Networks for help readjusting to our new normal in business.