Verkada – the Right Physical Security Solution 

Businesses want smart, scaleable, easy-to-use physical security systems to protect their employees and company assets. Verkada security solutions offer all of your business’ security needs such as cameras, access control, environmental sensors, alarms and guest check-in systems on one single glass pane. Under one integrated platform, Verkada security systems can be accessed from anywhere, on any device to protect your workforce and assets in a privacy-protecting manner.  If your organization is considering bolstering your physical security into one integrated platform, Verkada is truly unmatched. As a Verkada partner, Spectra Networks understands the value of its products and services. Over 20,000 organizations across the country trust Verkada solutions for their business security needs.  Here’s why we partner with Verkada and why they should top your list for a robust security solution for your organization.  

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Single Platform

Verkada is not just a typical video monitoring system. Verkada solutions connect all of your security devices in a single, cloud-based platform making actionable insights simple and easy to understand.  Organizations utilizing Verkada are able to integrate insights across the entire suite of products from video security systems to face search and from access control to visitor check-in systems. The cloud-managed platform is built with an easy-to-use software interface available both via web and mobile apps.

Access Anywhere

Administrators can remotely access and manage your sites from any browser or device. Without the tedious task of downloading, footage and events can be accessed quickly from any computer or mobile device. This capability allows for immediate action if an emergency should occur at work. For instance, an administrator can lock down doors and sound the alarm while an incident is in progress from any device. 


As your business increases in physical size or in workforce members, adding features is easy and seamless. Adding more devices and sites is simple and will not complicate the user experience as you grow.

Easy Set Up 

Verkada installation is simple and allows for seamless security controls. There are no Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), Network Video Recorders (NVRs), thick clients or added configurations needed… just a Power over Ethernet (PoE) connection. 

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Multi-Industry Solutions 

Verkada security solutions are perfect for many industries from healthcare and educational settings to manufacturing, financial institutions, government, hospitality and so many more. Security in healthcare settings can protect patients and sensitive data as well as the building and patients within. Physical security systems can also assist healthcare facilities in maintaining HIPAA compliance and regulatory laws.  Utilization in educational settings can protect the campus perimeter and improve response time in the case of an emergency. Manufacturing, government, real estate, and commercial facilities can also see multiple solutions to enhance workplace safety, secure critical areas, protect from liability and allow for fast response to incidents.  Each Verkada system can be customized to your particular industry and your company’s specific needs. 

Device Health & Status

Verkada devices and systems allow for regular reporting on the health and status of the devices, including offline or low-power alerts. This allows for uninterrupted security day and night and in the toughest conditions. 

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Exceptional Warranty 

Verkada stands by its product with a comprehensive warranty-dependent model of your device. Verkada offers a ten-year warranty with full details outlined in their End User Agreement Spectra owner, Joe Silva explains why Verkada was the obvious and smart choice. "As a technology company deeply invested in the healthcare vertical, we recognized an urgent need for modernized physical security to meet the evolving threats in today's world. A simple realization drove our journey into physical security solutions: the boundary between IT and physical security has blurred as technology has advanced. These domains are now intricately linked, interacting seamlessly with cloud directories, business applications, point of sales, and Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems. This interconnection allows physical security systems to exchange data with everyday business applications, providing a comprehensive view of organizational operations and enhancing our customer's ability to manage risks effectively. After a meticulous year-long evaluation of various options, we chose to partner with Verkada. This decision was clear-cut. Verkada’s commitment to innovation, evidenced by its 10-year manufacturer warranty, unparalleled support, and a robust suite of features, aligns with our values. Their cloud-native solutions and synchronized security approach allow all system components to communicate, giving business leaders and risk managers a holistic view of their security posture. Just like our cybersecurity solutions, Verkada offers a unified security environment, setting them apart from competitors and making them an ideal partner for us in safeguarding our client's physical assets just as we would their digital data."