What Are The 5 Most Common IT Support Issues? 

As a managed service provider who handles a wide range of support issues, we know that some support problems recur for some businesses again and again. From printers that won’t print to passwords that were forgotten, we know the spectrum of issues that many workplaces experience.  As a result, we have come to understand that some IT support problems need an experienced hand and an analytical eye to solve while others can be solved with a quick reminder of how to complete the IT task.  Our goal today is to review some of the current IT support issues with our clients and readers to help them better understand the technology and potentially assist with troubleshooting in the future. These tips and tricks may be some source of humor as IT specialists get flack for recommending “try turning it off and on” but we hope this list can be of some help as you navigate technology at your workplace. 

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Video Conferencing Tools Glitching 

In a post-pandemic world where many employees work remotely or in a hybrid setting, having reliable access to video conferencing to connect employees, teams, and clients to your business is absolutely critical.  Most of us have started to become familiar with the use of Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, and Cisco WebEx to name a few. But what happens when your video conferencing glitches during a meeting or right before you open up the waiting room to guests?  That’s where your managed service provider comes in handy, or if you have a working knowledge of the programs enough to ‘right the ship’ before the meeting needs to be rescheduled.  Some of the most common issues experienced by video conferencing tools include network issues such as unreliable internet, audio or visual problems, and security issues. Some quick troubleshooting techniques include: 

BYOD Network Connection Issues 

Many businesses allow employees to ‘bring their own device’ to work in order to streamline efficiency and allow for both hybrid and remote work to coexist.  Security is the largest concern in a BYOD environment. Threats in this area abound and could vary from unauthorized data access when a device gets lost or stolen, to leakage of data, malware infection, and on and on. As far as IT issues beyond the security aspect, many users find that they have trouble connecting and integrating with the systems already in use. For this problem, we suggest checking your settings and working with your IT department or managed service provider to ensure that your devices are not only compatible but that they are using the level of security required as well as compliance levels if the business is in the healthcare field. 

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Login Issues

We have all been there. We come into work on a Monday morning expecting to get right back into the work at hand and struggle to log in. The issues in this area could be many including password problems, loose connections, and access rights.  For some, the problem may involve a simple and quick fix. Often people simply forget their passwords whether after a long weekend or a vacation. Maybe they return to changed passwords, expired passwords, or were kicked off the system after three or more unsuccessful tries. The best and most long-term solution for this ongoing issue would be to adopt a password manager that would be available to employees at different levels of access.  However, for many, that solution won’t work in the short term. Rather than think further down the road, consider doing a password reset or possibly wait the required time (often 30 mins) and ensure that the caps lock is not on to give the attempt one more try before alerting your IT department that you need a new login link. 

Lost or Deleted Files

Far too often employees are shocked to find that their files or data have disappeared! In many cases, the files have been accidentally deleted and are merely sitting in a recycle bin on your computer.  Before panicking, first, check to determine if the file is in the recycling bin or not. If the recycling bin has been emptied, you may need to reinstate the file for the user from the server backup. Most computer applications automatically save data after a certain number of minutes such as Microsoft and Google docs. Therefore, don’t panic but realize that recovery is most likely possible. 

Printer Issues 

Printers can be one of the most aggravating pieces of technology in a workplace. They tend to physically jam, have loose connections to workplace devices, or the printer settings often need reconfiguring.  Some troubleshooting techniques for users include determining what the issue might be first. Is it a digital issue or a physical issue? For instance, is the paper jammed, or is the ink low? In that case, usually opening the printer to find the paper jam is a good starting point. Replace ink if needed or add paper if it’s low.  If the problem is digital in nature such as not recognizing or connecting with your device, check your settings to make sure you are connecting with the right printer. Another thought would be to check that all wires are connected properly behind the device. One loose wire can mean a loss of connection and a major slowdown in work productivity.  If these issues often hit your workplace, bookmark this blog for quick solutions or to help you overcome the aggravation of yet another IT issue. As always, reach out to your IT department or Managed Service Provider to help you troubleshoot your issues and get you back to the job at hand.