What Is Malware & How Can I Protect Against It? 

Learning how to recognize and defend against malware attacks is one of the critical tasks of IT departments across the globe. Malicious software, or malware for short, typically includes: spyware, viruses, worms, Trojans, and other types of malicious code that can infiltrate computers. Malware has the capability to steal sensitive information from your computer, gradually slow down your computer, or even send fraudulent emails from your email account without your knowledge. In general, malware can cause some serious trouble for you and your devices as well as the business and personal contacts on your email list. Let’s look at the specific types of malware and the steps you can take to protect against it. 

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Types of Malware

Malware is a computer code that is often employed as a tactic by professional cyber criminals who want data, sensitive information, or access to insider information. You may have heard about some of the most common types of malicious code that falls under the malware umbrella, but here is a quick review. 

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How To Prevent Malware 

In our opinion, the best approach to preventing malware is to be proactive in your approach. Here are a few suggestions for your organization to stay ahead of malicious code from becoming your adversary.  Malware has some devious and underhanded ways to get onto your computer from downloading malicious software to opening fraudulent attachments. Following these best practice prevention controls can safeguard your computers and business as a whole. Talk to our team about how you can maintain best practices in your office whether you are fully in person or remote.