Why Is The Office Printer Such a Problem? 

Ask anyone in your office which piece of technology is the least reliable, most commonly broken, or most loathed and the typical answer will be the office printer. Whether it is jammed, out of ink, or just being stubborn, the office printer is by far the most problematic piece of equipment in the business sphere.  What are the reasons behind this constant struggle and how can you mitigate the issue so that your workplace can be more efficient and productive?  If you’re an office manager or just someone who regularly uses the office printer to complete your daily work, you may softly swear under your breath every time the printer malfunctions - which can be a lot!  Here are the most common reasons why your printer is a problem and what you can do about it. 

office printer

Frequent Paper Jams 

We’ve all been there. The report is due and all you need to do is print it and be done with it. Then you get the screen of death, telling you there is a paper jam.  If your printer is jamming regularly, check these common things for a quick fix. 

Connection Issues 

Second only to the paper jamming is the problem with connection issues. This is more prevalent now with multiple copiers in each office and wireless printers.  Troubleshoot this tricky problem by taking the following steps: 


The Printer is Taking Too Long 

Speeding up your printer when completing longer jobs may seem like a Herculean task but there are a few steps that you can take to make things a bit faster. 

Lines, Spots, and Smudges 

This problem usually occurs when ink or something has contaminated the drum and rollers. Most multi-function print devices come with a self-clean program that could fix the problem. If you are using a photocopier, sometimes a mark on the glass portion of the printer is to blame; a little elbow grease and some glass cleaner will usually take care of this problem. For more tips on keeping your office equipment and connected devices running smoothly along with your network, talk to our team about being your Managed IT Provider.