Why Varying Passwords Is So Critical 

Gone are the days of each of us having one password for a business login and one for our personal login. In today’s highly digitized world the average computer user has over 100 passwords for both personal and business accounts from client portals to project management software and from Netflix to our own personal email. The list is practically endless. With a lengthy list of passwords to juggle, it is not uncommon for many of us to occasionally forget or misplace passwords. This is usually fixed by completing a password reset. Sadly, many computer users have made the bad practice of using one password for various accounts across business and personal lines. Still, others use a few varying passwords that are similar but change with one or two characters. Each of these practices can make your data vulnerable.  Here’s why. 

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The Key To One Is A Key To All

Using the same password across multiple sites at work and home may seem like a good idea on the surface since it will make it easier to remember generally, but doing this leaves your accounts open to a security breach.  While you may not think your credentials to Facebook or your email are all that important and that there’s no data that is worthwhile in those accounts…  think again. Once a hacker is able to gain access to one of your accounts, they can start gathering personal data about you from each one. This could include your birthday on a social media account, your mother’s maiden name on another and so go the breadcrumbs to your identity.  Far too many websites store your personal information, such as your bank account PINs and access numbers, your Social Security number, and other sensitive material. Combine this with the fact that too many employees then use a password they can easily remember at home and at work. That practice could spell disaster.  Therefore, the top reason not to use the same password across sites is that the more varied passwords you have, the harder it will be to hack all or many of your accounts.

Highly Complex Passwords Are Not Hard 

Many people who juggle hundreds of passwords properly know that having a different password for each account actually is not hard at all. The use of a password manager at your business can take away all of the fears of forgetting credentials while supplying strong passwords for each account.  In fact, password managers can help you change weak or duplicate passwords to improve your online security and make it easier for you to sign into your online accounts securely.

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Passwords Can Impact More Than Just Data

The first thing that users consider when contemplating a break or hack of their data is the actual information that may be lost or put at risk. For businesses, that’s not the only thing at stake.  Building a reputation back after a company hack has been reported is harder than ever these days. Consider not only the data but the client's impression of your security and how you will ensure consumers that their credit card information or personal information is safe in your hands will be a tall feat after a hack has occurred.  Talk to our team here at Spectra about how we can assist you in making your workplace more secure through training and installing a password manager for your organization.