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Going Paperless for Security

By sperling | September 12, 2019
Is your business paperless? Studies completed in 2017 show that only 25% of organizations run a totally paper-free environment. Surprisingly, even with the introduction of…

Top HIPAA Violations

By sperling | August 15, 2019
At Spectra Networks, we work with many businesses that need to remain HIPAA compliant, from dental practices to doctors offices. Maintaining HIPAA compliance for our…

Prevent the Most Common IT Issues at Your Company

By sperling | August 1, 2019
What are the current struggles you and your employees face when it comes to technology? As IT specialists, we have heard it all, from hardware…

Do you Really Understand Firewalls?

By sperling | July 3, 2019
What is your company’s first line of defense when it comes to your computers? Your firewall system, of course! How well does your firewall protect…

Understanding Massachusetts Privacy Laws

By sperling | June 12, 2019
We all value our privacy, especially when it comes to our personal information. We also value the devices that help us do our work, connect…
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Your Breach Notification Obligations

By sperling | June 5, 2019
  Think your small business is immune to a data breach? Think again! More than half of all data breach victims are small businesses, just…

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