Why Those Pesky Software Updates Matter

Earlier this year we published an article about the importance of updating your devices when those annoying pop-ups appear on your screen. Today, we are exploring the reasons why those software updates matter to both your devices and the devices connected to yours.  HT Tech recently reported that most of us hit that “remind me later” button more than once before finally breaking down and taking the time to install the latest software or system updates on our devices. While that action may save you time for the immediate future, it could be putting your device and those of others connected to yours at risk. Let’s take a look at why this is. 

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The Purpose of Software Updates 

Simply put, software updates are necessary to keep computers and mobile devices running smoothly. They also may help lower security vulnerabilities. Additionally, the update(s) are not just about protecting you and your device but protecting those you are in contact with as well. 

Feature Updates 

Getting cool new features on your device that work faster and more efficiently than before is just one reason why these updates matter. Exploring all the new bells and whistles on your mobile device or computer will make it all worth it.  Don’t be afraid of the feature changes or even lament the features that are no longer available. They were probably a high priority or have been replaced by something better. IT specialists have designed the updates to make your computer work better and faster along with increasing security. 

Improved Security 

Fun features are one reason the software updates matter but the one that may matter to you most is the increase in security on your computer. IT specialists have learned from the last release that security vulnerabilities exist and have created patches that can protect your data. 

Improved Performance 

We all hate it when websites don’t load as fast as we would like or when a program has a bug. These software updates make it possible for your computer to increase efficiency and make the experience for the end user much more pleasant. 

Protect Friends, Family & Business Assets 

Maintaining a strong level of cyber security through software updates isn’t just for your sake, it’s also to protect those you come in contact with through the internet. If your device gets a virus, you could pass it on to your friends, family, and business associates. Protecting your device is therefore a good way to protect your community of devices as well.  One of the best ways to avoid security vulnerabilities and keep your devices working efficiently is to take a few moments to install those updates each and every time they pop up on your screen. A few minutes now could save you a whole lot of grief later.