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How Secure Is Your Password? 

May 4, 2022

Think you have a strong password? You may want to think twice about that after you study some of the most recent reports on cyber security and password detection analysis.  Despite years of warnings about the importance of selecting strong, secure, and difficult to guess passwords, Americans are still lackadaisical about their passwords. Too many…

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Secure Your Website & Stop Scaring Customers

December 16, 2020

Have you ever been perusing the internet and opened up a website on your device only to be greeted by a startling message to “Go Back, Unsecure Site” or noticed that there is a message from the browser stating the place you are headed is “Unsecure?” Did it scare you enough to backtrack? Or maybe…

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Easy fixes to your Wi-Fi issues

August 12, 2020

Whether your business is working remotely or fully back to “in office” meetings, having a reliable Wi-Fi is an absolute necessity. A loss of connection or an excessively slow connection can be disruptive to running a successful business. Thankfully, many issues have fairly quick fixes that can cut your downtime considerably. Let’s take a closer…

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Protecting Your Business with a Password Manager 

August 3, 2020

The days of keeping your passwords on a sticky note or scribbled in a notebook are long gone. So are the days of using Qwerty, Password, or your last name as a secure password. According to recent research, the average person has 70-80 passwords including business accounts, bank accounts, social media platforms, email, and logins.…