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Why Those Pesky Software Updates Matter

September 13, 2023

Earlier this year we published an article about the importance of updating your devices when those annoying pop-ups appear on your screen. Today, we are exploring the reasons why those software updates matter to both your devices and the devices connected to yours.  HT Tech recently reported that most of us hit that “remind me…

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Creating a Great Software Training Strategy

September 6, 2023

Technology, including the latest software and hardware, is evolving so quickly in our world that it is not uncommon for businesses to need regular training seminars to keep their greatest asset – their workforce – properly trained. In fact, in many work environments, the only constant is… change. That means if businesses want to remain…

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The Importance of Updating Your Computer 

April 19, 2023

Desktops, tablets, and smartphones make our lives infinitely better in a wide host of ways. They make accessing business data fast and efficient. They provide endless hours of entertainment. And they make it possible to digitally connect with business colleagues fast and practically seamlessly.  Computers of all varieties have the power to make our lives…

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The Cost of Outdated Technology and Software 

December 8, 2021

Hard to believe that the calendar now reads 2022. It’s been a long couple of years for  many small and medium sized businesses, both startups and well-established organizations. Add to that the major technology advances and chances are your workplace technology may already be outdated.  With the turning of the calendar, however, comes a chance…

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Implementing Software Without Stressing Out Your Employees 

October 21, 2020

Change is stressful. Changing to new software after your employees have embraced and learned to skillfully operate the older, more familiar software can be downright difficult.  Sure, the “tech enthusiasts” from the IT department or the natural innovators in your office have been sitting in all those meetings helping to determine what software is needed…